Our model is not for everyone. We partner to execute strategies that grow your business online. Taking a data first approach, Shellshock works with your team to develop strategies that provide scalable, ROI positive campaigns.

Est. 2013

in Boston, MA.


distributed team spanning 5 time zones and 6+ languages.


on SiteInspire, Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, and many more.



websites built.




managed ad spend.



Businesses grown.

Great teams have strong leaders.

Meet ours.

Frank Richards


Mark Mason


Mike Nowotarski


Ryan Walker


Dave Oligee

Vice President, Digital Strategy

AJ Pigliacelli

Director of Business Development
What we believe

People come first

We work with people, not tech. Computers and phones may be the tools we use today, but our reason for doing what we do is as old as civilization. Solve human problems. Find community.

We aren’t a good fit if you…

We love working closely with clients to bring their vision to life, but if there’s absolutely no openness to outside ideas, why bring on a partner in the first place? Have less than $5k to bring a complex digital project to life. Sorry, partner—we recommend shrinking your scope, or scrounging up more dough before getting started.

We are a good fit if you

Need a superb creative and digital partner. Have a decent grasp of your project direction, budget, and timeline, but need a seasoned pro to flesh out the concept and execute. Demand great work from everyone you work with—and from yourself.

“Why ‘Shellshock?’ Isn’t that a word for PTSD?”

To us, the name “Shellshock” represents our promise to deliver creative, beautiful, and impactful work. In every sense that “shellshock” traditionally represents a negative experience that lingers, we strive to deliver a positive experience that lingers.

Transformation starts with conversation.