Shellshock Expands Reach Despite Pandemic

March 10th, 2021

With the addition of Gazelle Interactive’s visionary approach to analytical marketing strategies, the NEW Shellshock evolves into something more, despite Covid-19.

2020 was a year of great change and disruption in almost every industry due to the Global implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic. For many of those companies, the imminent possibility of shuttering due to a bleak financial forecast, and immediate pause to the revenue stream left many companies in disaster remediation mode, hoping to weather the storm so that there would be a chance to dig out from beneath the circumstances and flourish once again. 

In the case of Shellshock, the opportunity to reevaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of our business and finding like-minded partners who could enhance our vision and help see it through to the next stage was of paramount importance during this time. Eventually, Shellshock would begin to see the Global Pandemic as a chance to develop and progress our brand into a more robust, fully capable Media Driven enterprise.  

During the Third Quarter of 2020, Shellshock acquired Gazelle Interactive, LLC, the 2018 Top Advertising Agency in Florida. Gazelle’s cutting-edge approach to marketing and advertising heavily incorporates the advanced analytics, powerful Data Management platforms, and SEO conversion strategies that Shellshock had been seeking out in order to offer a full spectrum digital marketing strategy to our clients. Shellshock would no longer be just a spoke in the wheel of our client’s digital strategy, but the entire wheel itself, offering all aspects of digital branding, marketing, design, development, and advertising to our clients.

The New Shellshock

The merger of these two powerhouse firms in the marketing and advertising industries has finally given Shellshock the opportunity to realize a digital strategy that introduces a revolutionary concept to the marketing industry: Integrating powerful and concise analytics into a marketing strategy will give clients the agility and information necessary to not only be successful in promoting their product but will also enhance the ability of that product to reach the most valued leads organically. With the inclusion of Gazelle Interactive, Shellshock now has the capacity and technology to develop advanced marketing strategies that ultimately will enhance the reach of a client’s campaign. 

Shellshock focuses on user experience and user interface design, targeted B2B and B2C lead generation strategies, as well as on-site conversion optimization represented with stunning visual presence, and compelling content. The addition of Gazelle Interactive to the fold will allow for our campaigns to become even more specialized, by not only leveraging Gazelle Interactive’s expertise in the advertising space but also partnering with Gazelle Interactive’s Founder, and President Ryan Walker.

Mr. Walker has been a major player in the advertising industry for the past 14 years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and innovation techniques stemming from his experience as part of developing Urchin, which would later be acquired by Google and rebranded as Google Analytics to Shellshock’s already impressive leadership team.

Implementing the power of analytics as well as the integration of Gazelle Interactive’s award-winning digital advertising techniques and technology into the menu of services that Shellshock currently offers will allow our firm to provide an expansive digital experience for our clients that not only will provide customers with an elegant, expansive, and focused marketing experience, but will now include the latest techniques and methodologies that Gazelle Interactive has been cultivating in the advertising space for the past 14 years. 

Mark Mason, Founder, and COO of Shellshock explains, “Merging with Gazelle Interactive made a lot of sense for us. As we continue to grow, build, and market digital products for our customers, it is important for us to be one step ahead to pull in additional expertise into our service offerings. Gazelle’s extensive knowledge in data analytics combined with our passion for innovation in the digital and marketing space will help us to achieve the exceptional experience that we want to deliver for our clients and partners”

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