Conversion Optimization Yields 40x Inbound Leads

BMI of Texas: The Ultimate Before & After



While BMI of Texas specialize in helping clients slim down, Shellshock helped BMI strategically bulk their digital presence up, delivering transformative search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and ultimately a bigger business.

Reshaping Digital Strategy

BMI of Texas runs the most comprehensive weight and metabolism center in Texas. After years of static digital growth, we saw a major opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), and overall improvements to content production and paid campaigns.

We overhauled the legacy strategy, creating targeted “superpages” comprising multiple existing blog posts alongside new content. We further supported these superpages with steady, high-quality backlink creation.

A Smooth Landing

Like many client sites we see, BMI’s core pages provided essential service information, but lacked strong, persuasive calls-to-action to catch inbound traffic.

Instead of expecting visitors to pick up the phone upon first contact, we tested an engaging assessment quiz to further qualify traffic through education alongside other proven landing page improvements.

Transformative Results

Like a dedicated diet, our multi-pronged strategy began to pay off. Through our SEO and CRO efforts combined with a complimentary paid search strategy, we increased BMI’s conversion rate from 0.4% to a steady 8%, 40x’ing inbound leads.

Meanwhile, our superpage content began to rank on page 1 for high-value search terms, further spurring traffic. Even when a search engine algorithm update rocked the medical vertical in 2019, BMI’s growth kept going, forming enviable upward curves across multiple key metrics.

Today, BMI of Texas is a transformed business. Thanks to a tested-until-effective digital strategy, BMI runs a bigger and better organization, helping more folks slim down than ever.


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Inbound leads

We have worked with the members of the Shellshock team for over 10 years, and with their help have achieved exponential growth in our business. My favorite part about them is they never let off the gas with our marketing. They are an unstoppable force, always on the attack looking for the next best thing to improve our position.

Michael V. Seger

BMI of Texas

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