50% Sales Boost through Subscription Option and Single-Page Checkout

CBD Unlimited: Subscriptions and Streamlined Checkout Grow Sales




CBD Unlimited has made a splash in the budding CBD industry, with Walgreens stocking their products in thousands of stores nationwide.

To get their online business growing, CBDU partnered with Shellshock for a full user experience redesign, with special emphasis on a subscription option and a completely customized checkout experience to make it easier than ever to buy.

Subscribe and Thrive

We’re no strangers to transforming businesses overnight via subscription features. Observing that most CBD competitors have either clumsy or nonexistent subscription options, we set out to make the industry’s best: a clean switch design paired with a frequency dropdown, built from scratch to serve CBDU’s online customers.

Check It Out

The prettiest e-commerce site is nothing without a smooth checkout experience. Starting from scratch, we set out to perfect CBDU’s checkout process, minimizing frustration and maximizing revenue.

Tired of scrolling through multiple checkout pages? Enjoy just one. Don’t want to register before you buy? Go with Guest checkout. Are long load times slowing down your transaction? Not anymore. Tired of page reloads that lose information? We fixed that. Confused about CBD’s legality in your state? The automatic checkout filter has you covered.

All this, while earning PCI certification for the site’s payment security standards, and serving an ADA-compliant design for maximum accessibility.

One Site, Three Audiences

The CBDU website serves several distinct audiences: consumers, wholesale buyers, and affiliates. 

Rather than building separately maintained sites, we customized the browsing experience to fully accommodate each audience. Wholesale shoppers can access unique pricing parameters and quantity minimums. Affiliate marketers can easily log in, view earnings, and collect referral revenue directly through Paypal, hassle-free.

No Blown Smoke

In a crowded marketplace packed with clunky UX designs, fly-by-night players, and plenty of hype, we’re proud to have crafted a shopping experience that ekes out every efficiency, all while observing regulatory constraints and maximizing accessibility. 

It’s a browsing experience that just feels good—like CBD shopping should.

Transformation starts with conversation.