Advanced Care Planning Decisions

ACP Decisions: Healthcare, Uninterrupted.

Infinite flexibility: it’s what every client wants from their website backend, but what few agencies actually deliver. With ACP—an end-of-life healthcare planning company—we not only reinvented the brand’s visual identity, but built their new website to support endless customization by their internal team.


Beginning with the End

ACP deals with one of the touchiest subjects we all face: how do I and my loved ones want to die? We knew we had a responsibility to make the user experience as effortless as possible, with a look and feel that appropriately supported and encouraged users. It required a fine touch—too friendly or flashy, and we risked distracting users from the seriousness of their task. Too dark or dry, and we risked making a tough subject that much tougher.

Besides the user experience, ACP also had extensive backend needs, including a massive database of videos peppered throughout the user decision-making process. Virtually every element of the site needed to be easily editable for the client, whether adjusting an icon, swapping out a picture, or tweaking text.

Stability through Simplicity

As we reshaped the logo and identity design, we carved out palatable but distinctive colors, typography and iconography.

With WordPress, we believe minimal plugins translate to maximum security, performance, and compatibility. Instead of burdening users with heavy javascript and slow-loading images, we used feather-light SVG files and our own self-coded Twitter API, among other features coded from scratch.

The site is built to be adaptable for demanding hospital environments, where doctors, nurses, and patients may need to access it on a moment’s notice. With our fully responsive design, users enjoy a beautiful, navigable experience no matter the device.

On the front end, we knew our craftsmanship had to meet the standard of the life-saving professionals relying on it. Just as their patients expect the best possible care, we aspired to deliver the best possible user experience.

On the back end, we’re proud to have built a system that will not only last, but enables the effortless customization ACP needs as their services evolve.

You could almost call it a lifesaver.

Transformation starts with conversation.