A 4x Order Increase Via Innovative UX

Midnight Boats: Making Waves With 3D Tech




Midnight Boats builds high-performance powerboats, and needed digital muscle to match their engines. We navigated them through a total site redesign with a best-in-class dev stack, plus a first-in-the-industry boat builder that has customers turning heads (and buying boats). 

A Cruising Web Experience

Midnight Boats customers deserve a web experience that’s as smooth and swift as the boats they’re shopping. We combined static site generation, a headless CMS, and a high-end CDN for a blazing-fast browsing experience.

Using this approach makes integrating APIs easy. Need to connect multiple CRMs in a single form? Done. Goodbye, awkward iframe. Hello, security and speed.

Building a Boat Builder

To truly part the seas, we used 3D modeling to offer what no competitor had: a video game-esque boat builder. Fully interactive, entirely customizable, and easily shareable with a simple URL, it’s a differentiator that’s driving eyes, engagement, and orders.

Despite the fancy front end, the Boat Builder is easily edited on the backend. The client can add additional boats, change parameters, and otherwise alter the Boat Builder experience from the comfort of WordPress.

A Sea Change

Midnight Boats isn’t just the proud owner of a beautiful new site. They’re zooming past competitors online—and in the water—with an unmatched customer experience.




Daily order submissions

Shellshock helped us jump into the deep end, bringing our web presence to another level of excellence.

Lesly Puentes

Marketing Director

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