Building A Lean Lead-Gen Machine, Fast

Ready Robotics: Machine Movement, Human Design



Ready Robotics is leading an automated robot revolution. But breathtaking user experience still demands human hands, and that’s where our design expertise comes in.

A Robot Revolution

Wouldn’t it be nice to run a universal operating system across leading robot brands? For enterprise manufacturing leaders, the answer is an emphatic yes.

That’s why Ready Robotics built the world’s first robotics universal operating system, Forge/OS, enabling cross-compatibility and accessibility like never before. For an industry hobbled by personnel shortages, Forge/OS can unlock factory productivity like little else.

Ready’s flagship Forge software, Task Canvas, was due for a deep refresh coinciding with the launch of Forge 5.0. We worked intimately with Ready to design the most powerful-yet-beautiful modern robotics touchscreen experience ever.

Forging Ahead

Using our deconstruct, discover, deliver approach, we transformed Ready’s Task Canvas software into a fully modern touchscreen solution, shrinking the gap between robot programming and an intuitive tablet user experience.

Our approach to the UX was fully grounded in the latest design thinking for maximum ease of navigation. Everything is sized, scoped, and scaled to be optimal for the human hand.

Best of all, Task Canvas delivers a “no code”, drag-and-drop experience, enabling programming accessibility across the factory floor.

Ready, Aim, Website

Working on a timeline of just weeks, Shellshock also revamped Ready’s marketing website, including a full ecommerce component for customers in a hurry.

Not everyone becomes a believer at first blush. To better understand Ready’s customers, we employed behavior tracking at every significant touchpoint, from whitepaper downloads to a custom-made ROI calculator.

From server migration, to loading time optimization, and continuous plugin monitoring, we further ensured that the site redesign was more than pixel-deep.

Now, Ready is in possession of the lean, lead-gen machine they need for this stage in their business.

The Revolution Has Begun

Since the web redesign, Ready Robotics has significantly increased inbound lead volume, unleashing a powerful marketing tool to grow their business.

With their expertise in development and design, and their ability to execute at the highest level while moving at light speed, Shellshock has been a pivotal partner in our journey to becoming leaders in industrial automation.

Erik Bjørnard

VP Marketing, Ready Robotics

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