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Unanet: Revamping a 200+ page website in under 2 months




Unanet is a leading ERP provider serving government contractors and other professional services. By centralizing customer data, Unanet provides what they call a “single source of truth” to facilitate better business decisions. 

With a 200+ page site, Unanet was ready to upgrade their web experience, enlisting us to not only revamp their web design, but migrate the entire site to a modern, best-in-class dev stack while maintaining a web of integrations. 

From LAMP stack to Jamstack

With over 80 multi-layout pages, 120+ blog posts, and numerous integrations, Unanet’s legacy website was sprawling. Built on a common-but-now-outdated LAMP stack and sporting stock 3rd-party forms, Unanet’s site suffered from significant speed, security, and user experience limitations. 

For the smoothest, fastest, most secure web experience possible, we migrated the site to a modern Jamstack, complete with headless CMS and static site generation. In addition, we addressed every page layout, customization, and integration to ensure that all 200+ pages looked their best in the new environment.

Refreshing Formulaic Forms

Unanet relies on 3rd-party integrations to perform a variety of critical, diverse functions: analytics, onboarding, and most importantly, form submissions that send valuable data offsite. 

Previously, Unanet was stuck with stock forms that by nature didn’t blend with the brand identity and user experience. We replaced them with clean, custom-tailored forms that elegantly utilize APIs to capture data.

A Unified Web Experience

In under two months, we not only refreshed Unanet’s website, but moved it to an entirely upgraded dev environment, while maintaining the integrity of every integration. 

Like a good makeover, Unanet’s users won’t so much notice the difference as feel it with every visit and interaction. Best of all, it positions Unanet as the company they are today, while enabling them to scale into the company they’ll be tomorrow.

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