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We Are Memphis: Bringing Soul To An Iconic City




Memphis, Tennessee is a classic American city in transition. With one foot in the past (Elvis, blues, and barbeque) and another in the present (multicultural millennials, entrepreneurship), the city needed an evangelizing effort to share the new Memphis with the world.

Nonprofit Memphis Brand was founded to tell this new Memphis story and to attract talented, multicultural millennials to Memphis. Since its founding in 2017, we have helmed its digital direction, building its online presence from scratch into a traffic and regional influence powerhouse.

Creating a Content Framework

Through collaborative concept development with the client, we expanded the initial slim scope of 8 site pages to 30 pages/month across 8 categories. Today, under our continuous content production supervision, the site sits at over 1,000 pages across a wide breadth of topics.

From the beginning, our content strategy accounted for both SEO and engagement considerations, incorporating our expertise across both domains.

Metrics, Marketing, & Memphis

When building a brand online, it’s necessary to build a base of site traffic, social media followers and other metrics. In addition to these deliverables, we focused on goals that furthered WAM’s mission. We trained our targets on the metrics that truly mattered: jobs, new residents, improved public perception.

To move the needle, we managed marketing campaigns and lead capture funnels for recruiting companies, employing opt-in offers to drive email signups for important partner organizations.

We ran short-term campaigns such as a multi-lingual, multimedia “mask up” initiative, helped launch a successful ambassador program, and ran partner campaigns for Old Dominick Distillery, the Chamber of Commerce, and Memphis PD.

More sophisticated KPIs call for more sophisticated measurement, which we captured using traditional and customized digital analytics tools alongside rigorous survey data.

Bespoke SEO

Rather than simply executing standard SEO strategy, we began by assessing the unique opportunities at WAM’s disposal, leveraging their organizational relationships to secure powerful backlinks from high domain authority partners.

These efforts kickstarted domain authority accrual and became the foundation for a robust backlink ecosystem, culminating with a first-page ranking for our ultimate target search term: “memphis”.

Once WAM’s content catalog reached scale, we oversaw strategic content consolidation to further support SEO, honing our keyword targeting toward the client’s evolving objectives. By implementing SEO expertise panoramically—including press release content—we ensured that no growth opportunity was left on the table.

Socials for the City

The WAM website was always just one pillar of a comprehensive digital strategy. In addition to social media account management and content creation, we expanded into niche accounts—music, food, and fashion—to maximize reach, influence, targeting, and growth.

Coordinating our accounts in synchrony, we launched successful hashtag campaigns like #WeAreMemphis and #BringYourSoul that went regionally viral, netting 40,000+ mentions.

Remaking The Memphis Story

Starting from zero, we’ve helmed WAM’s multimedia marketing efforts, content production, and digital strategy, growing the organization into a significant regional influencer.

Like the city it serves, WAM’s future is bright. Routinely exceeding target growth metrics, its leaders can focus on deepening community ties, pursuing partnerships that strengthen the city, and improving on impactful metrics that make Memphis even better.



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